PSG Announces Logan Cheney to Join Firm as Account Executive

PSG Announces Logan Cheney to Join Firm as Account Executive

Growing Austin Firm Offers Corporate Public Relations & Campaign Advising

AUSTIN, TX — Potomac Strategy Group, LLC, (PSG) a consulting firm founded in 2009 and based in Austin, TX and Washington, DC that provides public relations and communications consulting services to corporations, trade associations, and individuals and political consulting to Republican campaigns, today announced the hiring of Logan Cheney as Account Executive.

Cheney most recently worked as a Paid Intern for PSG, and previously as a Communications Associate for The Bingham Group in Austin, as a Development and Communications Intern for the Texas Public Policy Foundation, and as a Government Affairs Associate for Billy Phenix Government Affairs during the 85th Texas Legislature. He is a recent graduate of the University of Texas at Austin.

“I am very pleased that Logan is joining our team at PSG,” said PSG president Matt Mackowiak. “Our corporate and political clients need first-rate communications advice, from strategy to planning to tactics to execution, and Logan is a hard-working and reliable operative who will help our clients achieve their goals.

PSG has worked with corporate clients in energy, health care, transportation, telecommunications and tech, and has advised political candidates in 14 states with general consulting, campaign management, communications and mail services.

"I am excited to join the growing PSG team,” said Cheney. “For clients in both politics and business, PSG delivers quality results. I look forward to using my strengths and experience to continue to grow PSG and assist the clients we serve."

PSG’s core services for corporate communications include media relations, writing services and media placement, crisis communications, coalition building, media monitoring and rapid response, opposition research (conducted in house), digital strategy and advertising, and media training.

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PSG Congratulates Client Pete Flores on ‘Historic’ & ‘Shocking’ Victory

Matt Mackowiak / Jamie Bennett
(512) 469-9090

September 21, 2018

PSG Congratulates Client Pete Flores on ‘Historic’ & ‘Shocking’ Victory

Mackowiak Served as General Consultant in Win in Hillary +12 District

AUSTIN, TX — Potomac Strategy Group wants to congratulate Republican Sen.-elect Pete Flores on his historic victory in the Senate District 19 special election runoff on September 18. His victory has sent shockwaves around the country after Flores won in a district Hillary carried by 12 percent in 2016. PSG president Matt Mackowiak served as general consultant and strategist for the Flores campaign. 

Flores defeated former State Rep. and former U.S. Rep. Pete Gallego by a margin of six percent (53 percent to 47 percent) with about 45,000 votes cast. He is the first Hispanic Republican in the history of the Texas Senate and the first Republican to represent Senate District 19, which serves South and West Texas, since 1879.

“Pete Flores was an outstanding candidate who was a perfect fit for this district,” said Matt Mackowiak, PSG president. “We were honored to serve as General Consultant on this historic campaign. Ending more than 100 years of Democratic representation and defeating a Democratic opponent with 22 years of serving this area was not easy. But nothing worth doing is ever easy. Our campaign team and army of grassroots supporters worked tirelessly for six straight months to bring home this victory. Now the real work begins.”

PSG wants to specifically thank David Carney and John Jackson from the Abbott campaign, Sherry Sylvester and Allen Blakemore from the Patrick campaign, Chairman James Dickey and the Republican Party of Texas, Texans for Lawsuit Reform, Empower Texans and Associated Republicans of Texas for their extraordinary support. This victory was a team effort in the very best sense. 

“Matt Mackowiak did a great job leading our campaign strategy and execution,” said Sen.-elect Flores. “He believed this was possible from the beginning. Matt’s expertise, guidance, and leadership were instrumental in the success of this campaign. I value his friendship and his commitment to the campaign.”

PSG provided a wide range of services to the campaign, including strategy development and execution, fundraising, communications strategy and media relations, media production and placement (in the first round), digital ad strategy and placement, website design, graphic design, newspaper ad design, field strategy and execution and political advising related to endorsements and managing relationships with elected officials, campaigns, trade associations and endorsement recruitment.

PSG vice president Jamie Bennett provided crucial assistance in all phases of the campaign, but especially in communications, graphic development, scheduling, political outreach, writing, and website development. 

PSG has consistently taken on difficult races, serving as Campaign Manager for Congressman Bill Flores (R-TX) in his victory over 10-term incumbent Congressman Chet Edwards (D-TX) in 2010, helping elect Congressman John Ratcliffe (R-TX) in a historic primary victory over Congressman Ralph Hall (R-TX) in 2014 and leading the campaign effort of State Rep. Hugh Shine (R-Temple) over incumbent State Rep. Molly White (R-Belton) in a primary in 2016.

“Anyone can win a race when you are favored,” said Mackowiak. “We seek out the hard races and enjoy creating tailored strategies and plans, not cookie-cutter campaigns. We find the challenge rewarding and value the opportunity that each difficult race provides.”

Mackowiak structured most of his compensation from the Pete Flores campaign in the form of a win bonus, which was contingent upon the campaign being successful. He did this because of his high degree of confidence in the campaign’s ultimate success, a rarity in political consulting, especially in races that appear to be uphill battles.


In the first round on July 31, Pete Flores finished first out of eight candidates with 34 percent of the vote, earning about 9,000 of 24,000 votes cast. He finished ahead of former Congressman Pete Gallego (D-TX), State Rep. Roland Gutierrez (D-San Antonio) and State Rep. Tomas Uresti (D-San Antonio). Flores was outspent 12-1 by the top two Democrats and earned 9,000 votes with just $50,000, using precious resources for a district-wide Fox News cable buy and targeted radio ads. Late but crucial endorsements came from Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX), Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (R-TX), Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX), in addition to early support from Texas Right to Life and the National Rifle Association. 

In round two, the race was a different one as it became a head-to-head contest against Pete Gallego, a candidate with 100 percent name identification due to 22 years of serving in state and federal elected office.

Partnering with the Abbott and Patrick campaigns, the Flores campaign and their supporters proceeded to make more than 100,000 phone calls, knock on more than 30,000 doors, raise more than $350,000, and visit all 17 counties in just six weeks.

 In the end, the Flores campaign was the only campaign on television, had a significant advantage on radio (financial and geographic), was at least equal on mail, and had a collective 10-1 advantage on digital ad spending. 

“Flipping a State Senate seat is extremely difficult,” said Mackowiak. “There are only 31 of them in Texas and they rarely change parties. But we believed we could do this from the beginning. Belief is a powerful thing.”

PSG was founded in 2009 and provides political campaign consulting to Republican candidates and corporate communications consulting service to companies, trade associations and individuals, with specific focus on energy, heath care, telecommunications and tech. Over his career, Matt Mackowiak has helped elect three members of the Texas Congressional Delegation, a Texas Supreme Court Justice and a State Representative.

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Feinstein owes it to all of us to answer Kavanaugh queries

Senate Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Dianne Feinstein, California Democrat, needs to answer some basic questions.

Were it not for her string of ridiculous decisions, the current firestorm would never have started.

Palo Alto University psychology professor Christine Blasey Ford has rocked the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh with her explosive sexual assault accusation against him.

According to her interview with The Washington Post, she claims Judge Kavanaugh “pushed her into a bedroom along with his former classmate Mark Judge and attempted to remove her clothes. She also alleges that Kavanaugh put her hand over her mouth when she attempted to scream.” Judge Kavanaugh and Mr. Judge have denied the allegation. Judge Kavanaugh offered to testify under oath before he was asked to do so and denies he ever even attended the party she describes.

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Democrats taking back the House not a forgone conclusion

Anyone who claims to know what will happen regarding the balance of power on Capitol Hill on Nov. 6 is guessing. This midterm election is a volatile mess.

Experienced analysts generally think the Democrats have the wind at their back and the benefit of history. This is true.

First, Democratic enthusiasm is consistently high. Second, with only two exceptions, every first midterm election in the last 100 years has gone against the party in control of the White House.

But the range of factors that will determine control of Congress are broader than these two things.

Let us begin with the math.

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As Democrats flail, Kavanaugh sailing to court

This week’s Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh served their purpose for the panel’s Democrats.

Resigned to the knowledge that Judge Kavanaugh has the votes for confirmation and is eminently qualified, Senate Democrats have chosen to “pound the desk,” rather than “pound the facts” or “pound the law,” as Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz suggested.

Think of it this way: A Supreme Court confirmation hearing has been debased to the point that it has become performance art, not a serious consideration of a momentous choice.

Presidential aspirants were all preening for the cameras. Sen. Cory Booker, New Jersey Democrat, tried nearly every quarter-hour to delay the hearing on the first day. Meanwhile he disgracefully sent out a fundraising appeal during the hearing — while seated on the dais. We all can see where his priorities are.

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Reeling Catholic Church must give full accounting of its sins

I have been a Catholic since 1990.

For me, the Catholic Church has always been appealing because it offers moral clarity, timeless beliefs, the divine rite of Communion and absolution through the rite of Confession.

It gives me no pleasure to express this, but I now have deep concern about the church’s future.

The sexual abuse scandal inside the Catholic Church has been public knowledge for more than 15 years now.

All practicing Catholics have been disgusted by the reports of active priests abusing children. Even worse, senior leaders in the church have looked the other way and transferred many of these priests rather than remove them from the priesthood, allowing the abuse to continue. Anyone who transferred an abusing priest is complicit in every additional crime that priest committed.

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Hysteria over Nunes memo masks fears of its findings

Perhaps I am old-fashioned, but I wanted to read the memo prepared by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes on possible misuse of Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act before forming an opinion about it.

The hysteria about the memo, which was jointly developed by the California Republican, his committee staff and fellow Republican House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy of South Carolina, surely was not commensurate with its importance.

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Sullen Democrats sit out Trump’s offer of bipartisanship

The maxim that a picture is worth a thousand words was never truer than during President Trump’s first State of the Union address.

Everything in Washington these days has a partisan element to it, but last night was particularly striking.

Here is an incomplete list of unobjectionable topics that those sedentary congressional Democrats refused to celebrate: record low jobless rates for blacks and Hispanics; worker bonuses tied to the new tax cut law; 2.4 million jobs created last year; the need to respect the American flag; the need to fight the opioid epidemic; a more secure border; recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital; and, even, the national motto “In God We Trust.”

When the Congressional Black Caucus refuses to celebrate record low black unemployment, it makes you wonder what their organizational mission is.

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