Washington Times: How a sane and stable president drives his detractors crazy

Perhaps you have heard the coastal elites make the argument that the vice president and the Cabinet should use the 25th Amendment to remove Donald Trump as president.

Has this irresponsible chatter been confined to the fever swamps of the far left? No — it has been openly discussed on CNN and MSNBC and in the pages of The Washington Post and Time magazine, to name just a few mainstream media outlets.

A Google search of “Trump” and the “25th Amendment” quickly pulls up more than 54,000 results.

For the uninitiated — specifically those who have not watched “24,” “The West Wing” or “House of Cards” — the 25th Amendment specifies the way that a president can be removed from office if he or she is incapacitated.

Let’s stipulate this inconvenient fact: President Trump is not incapacitated. He is not “mentally unfit” to be president.

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